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Learning Management System

Ultimate User-friendly LMS

Simplify your learning experience with Lenxel's intuitive interface and seamless navigation.

Comprehensive Documentation

Discover in-depth guidance for customizing Lenxel’s various feature

No Coding Required

Customize learning with Lenxel’s time-saving framework

Flexibile Customization

Tailor your LMS journey with Lenxel’s wide array of options

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Comprehensive & Engaging
Learning Resources

The Lenxel WordPress theme provides a wealth of comprehensive and engaging resources to empower learners and enhance their learning experience

Explore our features and customizable pages, designed to provide learners with wide-ranging interactive opportunities for engagement

  • Multi-media Content
  • Certificate Issuance
  • Automated Quiz Grading
  • Learner Assignments
  • Video Classes
  • Personalized Learner Dashboard
  • Easy Registration
  • Multiple Course Formats

Customizable Instructor

Lenxel provides customizable resources and tools for instructors, allowing them to tailor their teaching approach to meet their specific needs and preferences

Lenxel makes it effortless for developers or instructors to customize the WordPress theme to cater to unique requirements

  • Branding Options
  • Reporting Tools
  • Course Enrollment Tracking
  • Customizable Certificates
  • Performance Insights
  • Multiple Media Formats
  • Easy Registration
  • Multiple Course Formats

Our LMS Supports Multiple
Browsers and Devices

WordPress Features

Unlock the power of WordPress with our intuitive features that empower you to build your website your way. Easily create and customize your online presence with user-friendly tools and functionalities

Fully Compartible with elementor

Fully Compartible with WooCommerce

We seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce. Combining the benefits of Lenxel with WooCommerce's robust e-commerce capabilities, we offer a comprehensive solution with payment options.

Video Guide & Installation

Follow along with step-by-step instructions in an engaging visual format, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free installation experience

Reward for work

Certificate Issuance

Enhance your learners' e-learning journey by automating certificate issuance, customized to your predetermined criteria. Simplify the certification process and acknowledge learner accomplishments through automated recognition.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I customize the look and feel of my course without coding?

Yes. Lenxel provides customizable templates that let you personalize the appearance of your courses. You can choose from various layouts and features to match your branding or preferences.


  • Is it easy to add multimedia content like videos, images and presentations to courses?

Absolutely. Lenxel supports multimedia content integration without any technical hassles. You can upload videos, images, PDFs and other media directly into your course.


  • Can I track and analyze my learners' progress and performance?

Yes. Lenxel includes user-friendly analytics and reporting tools. Instructors can easily track learners' progress, view quiz results and gain insights into course enrollment and performance.


  • How does the automated certificate issuance work?

Lenxel automates the certificate issuance process based on predefined criteria. When a learner meets the requirements, such as completing a course or achieving a passing grade, the system will generate and issue the certificate automatically.


  • Where can I find the developer documentation for Lenxel?

You can access the developer documentation on TemplateMonster & Lenxel’s documentation page. It's a comprehensive resource that covers everything you need to know about customizing the WordPress theme.